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Weekly Hoist Hire

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Weekly Hoist Hire

For those who are disabled or are going through rehabilitation, a disability hoist is a near perfect solution. Buying a disability hoist could prove to be expensive, which is why there are many companies in the UK which offer weekly hoist hire at a fraction of the cost. Weekly hoist hire is definitely a good option since it lets the user use this facility for only a period that he desires. Monthly subscriptions donít prove so economical, because if someone needs the equipment for only 2-3 weeks, then the weekly deal might prove to be more cost effective.

Important Facts to Remember

Before going for a weekly hoist hire, there are certain things which you must keep in mind and these are listed below.
  • While taking the weekly hoist hire rates from a company, donít get a generalised quote. This is because hoists come in a wide variety. To divide them into two wide groups, one is electric and the other is manual. The weekly rates for both these kinds are vastly different.
  • Perhaps you would find that the weekly hire rates of some of the electric and manual ones donít differ when you want the equipment for only a couple of weeks. The difference for such a small period becomes negligible. Therefore it is wise to consider a machine which provides more comfort rather than saving a cost of just £10 or £20.
  • Some of the reputable weekly hoist hire companies provide hoist training as well for individuals who are going to be using the equipment. Some of the patients for whom this standing hoist is required, have someone at home to take care of them. Such health-care providers usually know how to operate a thing like standing hoist, but for those individuals who live alone and are going to be using it themselves, training will be mandatory.

Rate Deciding Factors

There are many companies in the UK which provide the service of weekly hoist hire; however you might find that their rates still differ. The factors on which their rates will differ are listed below.
  • The distance of the provider from your destination.
  • The quality of the machinery that is present with them.
  • The added services that they are going to provide.
  • Whether their machinery is up-to-date or not.

Approximate Weekly Hoist Hire Rates

The approximate weekly hoist hire rates for a mini electric low and mini hydraulic low hoist is from £30 -£35. The approximate cost of other electric hoists that have more support for the legs is £40 -£50. These approximate costs are not the same for every company. These are just to give a fair idea of how much to expect when searching for weekly hoist hire.

Taking a standing hoist on hire can solve a lot of issues and furthermore, weekly hoist hire bring about an even more cost effective deal. So when looking for a weekly hoist hire company remember the facts that are stated above, so that you can pull up a good deal for yourself.

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