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Short Term Hoist Hire

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Short Term Hoist Hire

When you or a member of your family needs some help to allow them to stay at home it is good to know that there are hoists that will allow their recovery to be undertaken with as much help as possible. Some disabilities are sporadic and it is not necessary for the help to be there all the time. An example of this is MS as although it can be a permanent condition some sufferers in the early stages find that they have both good and bad times. When they are going through a good time it is nice to know that they can be independent but when they have a bad patch they will need help. As a result of this it is helpful to know that short term hoist hire is available as this will stop the need to buy outright.

Short Term Hoist Hire Conditions

There are certain types of hoists that can only be hired for a minimum of three months due to the time that they take to install. An example of this is a ceiling track hoist. More often than not the company will require a hiring period of at least one month as there is a cost for installing the equipment and then teaching the carer how to use it. A hoist rental of one month should also help the patient and carer decide if the hoist they are hiring is suitable for the patient. If not there is the chance to change the hoist for something more suitable when opting for a longer term rental.

Disability Short Term Hoist Hire Estimated Costs

Charges will vary depending on the equipment but a mobile hoist will be in the region of 225 - 275 and mobile standing hoist will be 325 for a short term hire. There is always the risk of having to pay extra when the hoist is returned as it will be the responsibility of the hirer to make sure that the standing equipment is in as good a state of repair as it was when it was delivered. This will also apply to the cleanliness of the machine. You would not have wanted the person who had the hoist before you to return it if it was dirty so you should make sure that every mark is removed. There could also be a charge for delivery and collection so check this when you make the enquiry. When the equipment is delivered make sure you have any damage or marks registered as you may get the blame for it when you return the equipment.

Short Term Hoist Hire Companies

When you decide to opt for a short term hoist hire you should be able to find a number of companies in your local area. Most will offer a free quote when they understand your needs and the length of time you wish to hire the hoist for. Make sure that you know what you need so the company you choose can do their best to provide it for you.

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