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Sara Plus Hoist Hire

When they are ill many people want to spend time at home and not in hospital. At one time this would have been very difficult unless there were people at home with them who were able to move them around. If not, they would probably have had to spend most of their time in bed. Lifting another person is not an easy thing to do and if this is not carried out correctly it can lead to the patient getting hurt or the carer injuring themselves. If the manoeuvre is not carried out correctly or if the patient is heavy there is also the risk of a back injury being caused.

Due to hoists, this is no longer the case and regardless of whether this is a short term condition or something the patient needs to deal with for the rest of their lives there is help available. In the same way that hospital staff use hoists in hospital it is now possible to move people around at home. The hoists can be hired if it is a short term necessity or bought if this is going to be a long term condition. Thanks to Sara Plus Hoist Hire this is option is available to many.

What is the Sarah Plus Hoist Hire?

Sara Plus are manufacturers of hoists for disabled people and their hoist models are available through numerous hoist hire UK companies. Their hoists make life so much better for their users meaning that some patients can become upright and to an extent walk around. For others it may mean that they can be transferred from a bed to a chair meaning they will not spend the rest of their lives in one place.

The Sara Plus hoists are an aid to standing and rising and then a bit more. The level of support that they give to patients means they are able to retain more mobility than with other hoists. Their hoists have a comfort circle meaning one person can raise a patient and there are also scales, leg straps and a commode that can be added.

Using a Sara Plus Hoist

Once the hoist is in place the carers should find they are able to move the patient around much more easily and increase the patientís quality of life. This does not mean that anyone can go into a house however and start moving someone around as there is a lot of health and safety training that needs to be carried out first.

There are a number of different hoists that will be used and the right one will depend on the severity of the ailment. Before the hoist is fitted there will be an assessment so as the correct one will be provided. The main issues will be the weight and level of disability of the patient and when you take advantage of Sarah Plus hoist hire you will be advised on the right hoist to hire and how to use it.

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