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Patient Hoist Hire

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Patient Hoist Hire

While most people think of construction and buildings when they think of hoists and of hiring hoists, there are smaller, more personal hoists that are available. One of these is the patient hoist. Patient hoists are small hoists that can easily be used around your home.
Some of them are motorized, while others are not. These patient hoists are very useful to anyone who no longer has the full use of their legs or has difficulty getting up from chairs, beds, and even the loo.

No one wants to give up their independence, even if itís just for a short period of time. However, some people find themselves with a medical condition that leaves them unable to get up out of a chair. These people are dependent upon others to help them up and get them around. Some patients just need help getting up. Their leg muscles are no longer capable of pushing them up and out of a chair. Others, though, are incapable of standing at all. These patients may need help getting from their bed to their wheelchair or getting into the bath. If they live with others, help is readily available. However, what about those who live alone or live with someone who is not always available?

The answer to this problem is a patient hoist. With one of these hoists, patients who canít walk will find that they once again have some form of independence. One of the great things about patient hoists is the many different options you have with them. For example, patient hoists can be fixed to the ceiling or the wall, or you can use a free-standing frame with them. These frames can be moved around the home as needed, and as long as they are secured properly, theyíre just as strong and dependable as hoists attached to your home.

There are a couple of different types of patient hoists, too. Some feature a handlebar like setup. The patient reaches up, grabs hold of these bars, and then presses a button that moves the bars up and out, helping the person stand up. These types of patient hoists are used for those who have some ability to stand and walk but need help getting up. However, they do require the patient to be able to lift his or her arms above his/her head, which some, especially the elderly, are simply not able to do.

For those who canít stand or canít raise their arms, a second type of patient hoist is available. This hoist features a small seat or hammock that the patient sits in. The hoist can be raised, lowered, and moved sideways as necessary. All the patient has to do is get into the hammock (many can shift the fabric underneath themselves, while others may need some help). Then they can use the controls or remote control to move the hoist over to their wheelchair and lower themselves into it. They are then ready to go, and it was all done under their own power!

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