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Long Term Hoist Hire

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Long Term Hoist Hire

There is no longer the need for people to spend years in hospital because there is no way they can be looked after at home. There are more and more solutions intent on helping people get back a bit of their independence. And even for those who will never be able to be fully independent again there is a way that they can have a better standard of living and better quality of life. There will clearly be people who will always be bedbound but as a result of long term hoist hire it is possible to help them out of bed and into the heart of their family again.

The Advantages of Long Term Hoist Hire

If the hoist is going to be needed for a long time it may be considered a good option to buy it. Before you do this however why not look at the other ways of getting a hoist? Although it may seem that hiring a hoist is dead money as you will never own the equipment, the amount you pay could be considerably less.

It will be a good idea to read up about long term hoist hire and find out some of the advantages. Hoists may be heavy duty and perfectly capable of carrying out the jobs they are designed for but they will not last forever. You may find that the hoist you buy needs to have some of the fabric parts replaced after a couple of years whereas if the hoist was hired, this would be done as part of the contract.

With many disabilities that come about later in life it will be hard to know what changes will need to be made in the future. This may not be the case with disabilities that you are born with but if you buy a lift and then find that a year or so later that your needs are different there will be the need to buy a new machine. If you are entering into a long term hoist hire agreement you can ask for a clause allowing you to end the agreement and then change the hoist hire to a more appropriate variety.

The Downside Of Long Term Hoist Hire

The only downside to long term hoist hire is not knowing how long the hoist will be needed. It may be best to check with the companies as to what their policies are when it comes to trying to end a contract before it has expired. Some may be agreeable to that under certain circumstances, such as the death of a patient while others may just agree to end it subject to a lump sum payment of maybe a month or twos hire. It will be best to check because if you do hire for much longer than you need the company could decide to keep you to the original terms of the contract.

Your Local Authority May be able to Help with the Cost

Always check with your local authority and the local health service and see if they are able to provide any funding towards long term hoist hire. They may accept that by looking after someone at home a financial commitment has been taken away from them and therefore be prepared to make a contribution.

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