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Hoist Rental

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Hoist Rental

In order to keep construction costs down it will be helpful if you are able to hire equipment rather than buy it. If you are working in the construction business, hiring equipment can help you to get a bigger profit margin and also mean that you can give you a better price to the client. If you are carrying out home DIY you will be left with more money for things that are more important to you. Wherever you live in the United Kingdom there are a lot of companies who will be able to help you with hoist rental.

Southern Hoist Services Hoist Rental

Southern Hoist services offer a large variety of hoists for rental including bumpa hoists, scaffold hoists and lever hoists. They will be able to provide you with all your hoist rental needs from their Essex depot. Founded in 1992 they are renowned for providing a good service at an affordable price. They have become one of the leading companies in their field and as a result of collaboration with another company they can now supply hoists across the south of England and into Wales. Regardless of which hoist you need they will have something that is suitable. They stock hoists ranging from small hoists to be used on a home DIY project to ones that can deal with weights of up to 2000kg or 22 people.

If you have a problem with your hoist rental they will be able to visit and solve the problem - the following day in many cases. They understand how important time is so as soon as a request is made a site visit will be arranged. Risk assessments are arranged prior to hire so there really is very little that you have to do. Staff are fully trained and as you would expect health and safety is at the heart of everything they do. They are members of CHIG and work with both the HSE and manufacturers to continue to improve safety.

Wayahead Scaffolding Ltd Hoist Hire Morecambe

If you are looking for a hoist rental company in Morecambe, Wayahead should be able to convince you that they are a good company to deal with. Their staff are available to give advice and make sure that you hire the correct hoist for your job. If you visit their showroom they can go through your needs with you and there will also be the chance to look at some of the equipment you can hire.

They understand the needs of the industry and they also know that price is going to be a factor in your decision. An ideal combination is good quality and low prices and they make sure that their hoists will be both. Wayahead will provide everything you need and you can be sure that when you call there will be someone around to help.

Whoever you choose when you are looking for hoist rental make sure that they know what they are doing. Ask for certificates and insurance documents and check that the staff are fully trained. If there is an accident the consequences can be severe so when looking for hoist hire companies donít cut corners.

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