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Hoist Hire UK

If you are part of a building project that requires heavy lifting and hoisting up scaffolding to higher levels, you may want to consider hiring a hoist instead of actually purchasing one. Not every project will require a hoist but in some instances it is the safest and most effective option for moving human traffic as well as sending goods up to higher levels. These normally come in the form of lifts or cages and help carry cargo to the top of building projects as well as send workers to the roves of multiple story buildings.

What Services are Included with a Hoist Hire UK?

There are some very reputable hoist hire UK companies who will not only hire the hoist to you but also provide you with important plans and documents like risks assessments to help you maintain safety. They will also help with installation and many of them work with scaffolding companies or have a scaffolding service themselves which mean the process is increasingly becoming quick and fairly easy.

They will be able to tell you what regulations are important for the use of the hoist and give you any information that you could possibly need in operating it. And, most of these companies will first inspect the site to ensure that you are getting the right product. What’s most impressive is that these hiring companies have hoists that can carry 70 kilograms right up to 2000!

Possible Hoist Hire UK Candidates

Hoist Hiring limited have a very professional service and clearly understand the industry. They have taken great time and care to provide information to potential hirers and work with clients like the Midas Group, Try Accord Ltd and the Pearce Group. Their engineers will install the hoists as part of the general service. This is a great hoist hire UK company to go with as they have worked with some of the tallest buildings you can imagine, as well as with some extremely prestigious companies in the construction industry. Basically, they have a great reputation.

London Hoist are also a wonderful hoist hire UK company to work with because they can help figure out what type of equipment you will specifically need for your project. Whether it is a gantry hoist or even a small goods hoist, they will be able to make suggestions about which hoist will be most effective for you. They also give you the option (on their site) to get a free call back from them in order to get a consultation or begin quote negotiations. London Hoist is the largest construction hoist rental service and has been around for some 25 years. They boast heavy maintenance on all of their equipment and a recognized track record.

Hiring is Best

So all in all, it is best to hire when working on a temporary project, especially considering that you will only need a hoist once the first few floors have been built. There are a number of hoist hire UK companies out there who can work out affordable solutions for your hoisting needs but be aware that both hiring and buying a hoist can be relatively expensive, depending on the amount of time you need to use it for and of course, what your needs are in terms of weight capacity.

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