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Hoist Hire Glasgow

Over the years Glasgow has undergone a lot of rebuilding and it is now easier than it ever was to carry on with the job. The construction industry has become more and more competitive and all companies will be looking at ways to cut their costs but still be able to compete for the bigger jobs. Not having to own all the equipment you use is always a good way to save money as often machinery will be used for an odd job here and there but will sit in the warehouse for months on end yet will still need to be insured, maintained and any staff who use it will have to keep their training up to date. This can be a complete waste of money and fortunately it no longer has to happen. Rather than doing this it is now possible to hire the equipment. Thanks to hoist hire Glasgow, construction companies can spend their money on other items and just hire hoists as and when they need them.

Hoist and Access Services for Hoist Hire Glasgow

As the result of a management buyout Hoist and Access Services came into being in 1996. As the managers had experience in this field from before it is safe to say that they know what they are doing. The company is based in Glasgow and are specialists in providing hoists and other equipment to the construction workers in the area.

If you choose to deal with them you can choose from platform hoists, gantry hoists, inclined hoists and passenger hoists. When you visit them the services you can expect will be as follows:-
  • A site survey to ascertain your needs and they fully accept that by doing this they are not necessarily going to get the job.
  • Installation and organisation of equipment meaning your staff can carry on with their normal jobs.
  • Full arrangement of any paperwork, certificates and risk assessment documents required.
  • A breakdown service that means there will be someone with you in two hours. This way there will be no need to lay off staff for a day as this will clearly cost you money.
  • Total backup if there are any problems. You will not be left to try and sort out the mess yourself. Working with the Glasgow building trade they believe they can further help Glasgow’s regeneration.

Hoist Hire Glasgow – Scot Hoist

Scot Hoist may not have the same level of experience as many other companies but as the new kids on the block you can be sure that they will have the newest equipment. The company may not have been formed that long ago but all the personal do have a great deal of experience in the trade. They will be able to provide hoists for every occasion and the list of hoist includes:
  • scaffold hoists
  • ladder hoists
  • beam and trestle hoists
  • hydraulic elevator hoists
Whatever jobs you are about to embark on it is very likely that Scot Hoist will have the equipment you need.

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