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Hoist Hire FAQs

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Hoist Hire FAQs

Hiring a hoist will seem like the ideal thing to do if you need to move equipment around, especially if you need to get it up onto scaffolding or into a high up floor of an office block. To make sure that there are as few problems as possible there are a number of hoist hire FAQs you should go through with the prospective hire company. Here are the most common hoist hire FAQs and the answers you should hope to receive from the company.

Hoist Hire FAQs

Q: Can you give me advice about the equipment we need?
A: Yes, we can discuss all your needs. If you wish we can visit to see the site and any quotation we give you will of course be without obligation.

Q: How will I get the equipment?
A: We will deliver and collect. We will make sure the hoist is put up and taken down at the end of the hire term.

Q: How do we deal with health and safety issues while we are using the equipment?
A: There will be plenty of training arranged prior to commencement of the work. Whoever will be using the hoist will be given all the information and help they will need. There will be a method statement written up and we will do a risk assessment. We use a health and safety consultant and they will be the people helping you.

Q: Do you test your hoists?
A: Yes we do this after every customer returns the hoist. We also expect clients to advise us of any concerns they have. We will test it once we have erected it and before you begin to use it.

Q: Why do I need a hoist when a ladder will be just as good?
A: If you check health and safety guidelines you will see that it is not safe to carry certain items on a ladder. Nothing over 10kg should be carried this way. The problems will be clear as you can easily over balance and have a bad accident. If you want further details there is a HSE website that covers this area.

Q: Does anyone oversee your transactions?
A: Yes we follow the terms and conditions of the Hire Association Europe and when we enter into a deal it is accepted that both sides will be accepting their terms and conditions. We suggest that you familiarise yourself with this document before you hire a hoist.

Q: How long must I hire the hoist for?
A: Any time limit can be arranged depending on your needs. We start with a fee for a day and the daily price will decrease if you hire the hoist for longer. We can agree a price with you when we know more about the hire.

After the Hoist Hire FAQs

If you get the above answers to your hoist hire FAQs you can be confident that you are dealing with a company that are trading is an acceptable way. There should be no problems in your dealings with them.

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