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Hoist Hire Companies

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Hoist Hire Companies

If you own a construction business or you’re simply responsible for providing the necessary hoist equipment on a construction site, you will need to come in contact with hoist hire companies to acquire the right hoists demanded by the specifics of the jobs that will be performed.

Whether you’re a specialist in the constructions field or you’re simply an individual who intends to carry out important home reconstruction activities, you’ll need to inform yourself on the various types of hoists available at the various hoist hire companies. After all, more than one model of hoist can be found, and knowing more about the performance of each kind will help you choose the hoist equipment that is most suitable for the job.

Types of Hoists Available at Hoist Hire Companies

Due to their structure and their way of functioning, these pieces of equipment can lift heavy units with comparative ease. Hoists can be used for varied purposes and can reach different heights, so it is important to expand your knowledge on this sort of lifting equipment to get an idea on which particular type of hoist should be looked for at hoist hire companies.
  • Manual Hoists
    If the work that is about to be carried out isn’t substantial, or if you’re looking for cheaper units, you may want to hire manual hoists. These are the oldest kinds of hoists, and they were powered not only by humans, but also by using water or traction animals. Despite them being extremely rudimentary, they are still used although most hoist hire companies have replaced these with better powered hoists.
  • Electric Hoists
    Electric equipment is what is most commonly used today in terms of hoists, and since these require only one person to operate them whilst performing the duties of multiple employees, electric hoists are used by many businesses to perform lifting and transportation activities. Electric hoists can also be used to transport elders or people that are handicapped.
  • Wire Rope Hoists
    As the name suggests, these hoists consist of a wire rope system, the strands being wrapped around a core. Wire rope hoists are used by people who wish to lift heavier loads at faster speeds, the main disadvantage of opting for this sort of units being reflected in their costs.
  • Chain Hoists
    The lifting mechanism of this model of hoists is based on metal chains that are most suitable to lift less heavy objects that weigh below 7.5 tons. For more demanding lifting jobs, it is best to look for wire rope hoists.
  • Air Powered Hoists
    These pieces of equipment are also called pneumatic hoists. The benefits of using this type of hoist is that they weigh less than electric devices, and are not prone to the risks normally associated with using electric hoists. They are also better resistant to weather, but they’re more difficult to control and they also lose points at the speed chapter.

How to Select the Right Hoist Hire Companies

After you’ve decided which type of hoist your business needs, you should be looking for the right company to hire it from. Always check to see if the provider operates according to the required standards of safety and make sure the company uses high quality units. You should be able to get all the necessary details over the phone but before you do that, check for reviews and client testimonials to get an idea about the company’s reputation. The number of years of it being on the market should also send you some hints.

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