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Genie Hoist Hire

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Genie Hoist Hire

If you are in need of a specific hoist or a wide variety of portable hoist units available to hire, take a look at the Genie hoists to find the necessary equipment that will meet all your requirements. These can be delivered to your door and collected when required. All Genie equipment is maintained and serviced to a high standard and is therefore very reliable and safe to use. There are stockists throughout a wide area of England.

What Is a Genie Hoist?

Genie hoists are portable, manually used pieces of machinery that take the strain of lifting heavy materials and equipment. They are very efficient, and many Genie Hoist Hire companies have been in the business of producing this type of machinery for decades, so they are very experienced and knowledgeable. They offer the ultimate in quality equipment that is safe to use, trustworthy and that you know will perform well. There are three base models to choose from, all of which can easily be loaded into any pickup truck.

What Genie Hoist Hire Providers Have to Offer

The standard features of Genie hoists and lifting equipment are that they are hard wearing, there is a hold down feature that secures the load whilst in movement. Their lifting equipment features a winch which will operate whether the ladder is in use or stowed away and the handle is reversible for easier storage.

There are also option extras available such as:
  • Load platforms
  • Boom
  • An aluminium ladder with standard or straddle base
  • An electric winch with straddle or counterweight base
  • Pneumatic rear wheels with standard or straddle base
  • Foot release brake with standard or straddle base
  • Caster options

What Can Genie Hoists Be Used For?

They can be used for a multitude of tasks that are related to the moving and handling of heavy materials. Here are just a few of the uses of Genie Hoists offered by Genie Hoist Hire providers.
  • Shipping and unloading of materials and equipment
  • Transporting heavy materials and equipment
  • Lifting heavy materials onto shelving
  • Installation of high wall and ceiling materials
  • Lifting heavy equipment within stores and warehouses
  • Handling heavy bags of cement in bulk
  • Moving and handling of heavy machinery and parts
  • Lifting and placement of RSJ´s
  • Heating and ventilation ducting
  • Working on rooftops

Where Can I Obtain One?

The UK´s leading stockists of Genie hoist´s and lifting equipment is MF Hire, they specialise in Genie hoist hire, lifts and other Genie products. They have branches in:
  • Nottingham
  • Newark
  • Mansfield
  • Derby
  • Ilkeston
  • Sutton in Ashfield
Each office operates a delivery and collection service covering a wide area. They are available to rent or buy and rentals can be on long or short term leases. Prices are competitive and payment can be made with any major debit or credit card. They are available to the trade and also to the general public and the company, which has over thirty years of experience in working with this type of machinery are always happy to give advice and share their expertise. They will also set up trade accounts for regular customers who hire or buy their equipment.

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