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Gantry Hoist Hire

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Gantry Hoist Hire

When working at a construction site, one of the things you will most likely need is a hoist hire of some sort. These hoists are essential for moving people and items up and down the unfinished structure.
One of the great things about hoists is that they donít often take up that much room, and many of them are very affordable to hire. There are a number of different types of hoists out there, including the gantry hoist.

What is a gantry hoist? Basically, itís a type of overhead hoist that can be moved and set up anywhere. Some gantry hoists are fairly small, but you can find gantry hoists is huge sizes that can be taller than the building you are working on. The gantry hoist features two parallel legs that are connected via a long metal beam. A trolley or hoist is hung from the horizontal beam. This hoist can actually move from side to side as well as up and down, so once youíve attached a load to it, that load can be raised and them moved left or right as needed.

Why would you want a gantry hoist instead of a standard type of hoist? Well, there are several advantages. The ability to move the load left or right after raising it is certainly one of these advantages. Another advantage is that a gantry hoist can lift huge payloads because of its supports. In fact, gantry hoists are often used in railway yards to lift entire cars or in shipyards to pick up huge ship engines and move them into place. Smaller gantry cranes may actually be mounted on tires, allowing you to easily move them to new locations and then fix them in place.

Just how strong are gantry hoists? Two of the biggest and famous gantry hoists are located in the shipyards of Belfast in Northern Ireland. These giant gantry hoists are 140 metres long and can hoist loads up to 70 metres in the air. Each of these hoists can hold up to 840 tonnes of material, giving the two of them the ability to lift more than 1,600 tonnes! While the two hoists, which have been named Samson and Goliath, are no longer used, they have been kept as historic monuments and are now tourist attractions. South Korea recently built a gantry hoist that is capable of lifting at least 1,600 tonnes by itself at the Hyundai Heavy Industries plant.

While you probably wonít need such huge gantry hoists for your project, you may need smaller sized ones. These hoists are still very capable of lifting heavy loads. Theyíre easily capable of lifting 300kg or more, depending on how large of a hoist your need. If youíre wondering if you need a standard hoist or a gantry hoist, take a look at your building site and plans. Gantry hoists can be a good alternative to scaffolding, for example. You can always consult with your hoist hire company and see what they recommend for your building site if you have any doubts.

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