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Disabled Hoist Hire

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Disabled Hoist Hire

There are a lot of companies out there that are working hard on finding methods to improve the quality of life of those that are either handicapped or old and have a limited mobility. These people often require help in the form of care providers. However, even they could use a hand with daily tasks such as getting the patient up from bed and into a chair, a bathtub or onto a toilet. For these situations there are hoisting devices that can turn out to be very helpful. Most of them are easy to operate and can easily lift and transfer a person from one place to another. There are plenty of disabled hoist hire services which provide the right equipment designed with both the care provider and the patient in mind that can make their lives a lot easier.

Who Needs Disabled Hoist Hire?

While the most common customers of disabled hoist hire services are people with mobility issues that need help in their day-to-day lives, there are others that can benefit from this. Any place where people need to be transferred from one place to another is a good place to call for a disabled hoist hire service. They can help in any situation where a natural disaster like an earthquake or a mudslide has occurred and injured people need to be lifted out of a dangerous area.

Types of Disabled Hoist Hire

Even though each disabled hoist hire service uses its preferred device, they are all grouped into three major types:
  • Overhead hoists, which come in two different varieties: with a ceiling fixed track and with a portable track. The ceiling track consists of a rail that is mounted on the ceiling or, in cases where the ceiling is not available, the wall. This type of hoist is easy to use as it requires no manual lifting. It also saves on space since the rig is entirely placed on the ceiling with no space needed on the floor. The portable version allows for travel between rooms as the track can easily be mounted in multiple areas. The track is available in multiple configurations so it can be placed in any type of domicile. Both versions are easy to use and require only one person to operate them.

  • Floor hoists are the most commonly used by disabled hoist hire companies since they are the easiest to set up and are generally the cheapest version available. They come in two varieties: electric and hydraulic. Since there is no permanent installation required they leave no damage to the walls or to the ceiling. They can also be moved easily from one room to another which makes them perfect for temporary usage. In places where permanent assistance is required this type of unit is generally used as a back-up for ceiling hoists.

  • The wall lift hoist is easy to install and is primarily intended for home use. It is also cheaper than the ceiling unit. The most common place to use such a device is the bathroom. That is why most models come with a water resistant control handset, electronics and circuit board.

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