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Car Hoist Hire

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Car Hoist Hire

Cars have become essential to today’s society. The type of car that someone drives can be an extension of his personality. An expensive car is also considered to be a gauge of how successful a person is.
It has become much more than a mode of transportation. There are plenty of cars that cost more than a house. These are all reasons why a lot of people look after their cars with a great deal of attention. Some take them to mechanics and others prefer to repair and maintain their cars themselves. Most of the routine tune-ups and checks can be done by someone with the proper knowledge and skills with just a modest toolkit. However, there can be plenty of complicated operations that may require working under the car. For people in these situations that want to avoid taking the car to a mechanic, they need to know where to get a car hoist hire service.

What is a Car Hoist?

A car hoist is a lifting service that is able to lift an entire car of the ground in one single motion. Most people wonder why they should pay for a car hoist hire service when they already have a jack that they use to lift the car. The key difference between using a car hoist hire service and your own jack or axle stand is the fact that the jack only provides a low lift for just a corner or a side of the car. Indeed, this is very useful for changing a tire, but that is about it. The jack will never be able to lift all four wheels off the ground in order to allow someone to look and work underneath it.

Not only that, but a car hoist hire service is much more safe. The system is more than powerful enough to handle the weight of the average car. A jack, on the other hand, is not. It would be very risky to be under a car supported only by a jack as this tool lifts the car in an unstable and awkward position and there have been plenty of instances where the car slid off the jack.

Types of Car Hoist Hire Services

When it comes to car hoist hire services, there is not a lot of variety. Most of the lifts work on the same principal. They have an electric and hydraulic system that consists of an electric motor that powers an internal hydraulic mechanism. These are the cleanest, simplest and most effective devices and they are the most commonly used. When it comes to the hoisting system itself, there are two common variations: the two-post and the four-post system. The two-post arrangement is much more compact. It does not take up a lot of space and it is ideal for lighter cars. The four-post, on the other hand, can sometimes be bigger than the car itself. However, it can take on much heavier loads.

A lifting rig such as this is much too expensive for the average car enthusiast that likes to be hands-on with his cars. However, getting a car hoist hire service is a lot cheaper and allows for complicated repairs to be done on a car in the owner’s own garage.

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