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Builders Hoist Hire

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Builders Hoist Hire

Practically any building project will require a hoist (or lift) of some kind at some point. If the construction project involves a height above several meters, scaffolding of some sort will be required. While some contractors have their own scaffolds and hoists it makes good business sense to use the services of a builders hoist hire company that specialises in the service.

A company specialised in hoist hire offers advantages in that it can quickly adapt to the demands of its customers. It will have established contractual arrangements with a specialised manufacturer for example, and thus be able to negotiate pocket-friendly prices for hoist equipment of any complexity or specialty.

Deciding on the Best Builders Hoist Hire

  • Your construction project may require nothing more complex than a small, lightweight hand chain hoist. These hoists are handy and easy to install and they can raise any weight between 500 kilograms to 50 tonnes and are effective for heights in the range of 3 metres to 18 metres. They will usually be equipped with a tough, high-tensile strength load chain and are thus really dependable and safe to operate.
  • Another option you could get from a builders hoist hire service is the lever hoist. The chief advantage in using the lever hoist is its manoeuvrability. Lever hoists can lift weights at any angle, even upside down. Plus they can also be used to pull, to lift or for tensioning.
  • For those really heavy lifting requirements you have the electric chain hoists. These come in all sorts of sizes depending on the capacity required and the voltage they use. Their chief advantage is that they can be used underground or above ground. In addition they usually incorporate other useful features like adjustable breaks, heavy-duty motors and emergency stop buttons, etc.
Other hoist options you will find offered by a builders hoist hire service include air chain hoists (which use compressed air), power operated wire rope hoists, scaffold hoists and trestle hoists.

Hiring versus Buying Your Own Hoists

Buying your own hoists may work for you in the short term, but in the long term hiring offers the cheaper alternative. By hiring you do not have to worry about repairs and associated maintenance headaches. Secondly you may never be able to buy everything you might need from one project to another. A builder’s hoist hire service on the other hand has in its inventory almost anything you would ever need.

A builder’s hoist hire company in addition ensures that the equipment is maintained in a tip top condition; it will provide experienced operators if required, and will take steps to ensure the safety of personnel that operate in close proximity with the equipment.

Whatever the size of your construction project, your requirements for a hoist can be quickly and effectively handled by a builders hoist hire service. The option to hire will in the long term, be more cost-effective, and save you time so you can concentrate on the more important aspects of the job at hand.

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