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Arjo Hoist Hire

Caring for persons with disabilities presents many challenges. In addition to the regular tasks of making the disabled person feel comfortable and cared-for, the care provider sometimes has to physically assist the patient when performing tasks that to the healthy person may seem routine: getting into bed, for example, or going to the bathroom or toilet, etc. Technology has developed devices that make it easier for caregivers to manage, but the problem is usually that these technical aids are in most cases fixed and not portable. In a situation where the disabled person has to go on holiday for example, new arrangements have got to be made. This is where facilities like Arjo Hoist Hire come in.

All about Hoists

A hoist basically is a device that helps carer providers, or the disabled persons themselves get by, where lifting the patient from one location to another is concerned, or where the patient has to be transferred from one place to another. This may happen for example when a patient has to be lifted from a chair into bed. Companies like Arjo Hoist Hire offer options and alternatives when it comes to the choice of hoists you may require. The facilities are delivered to you, and you will only be required to hire them for the duration of your stay.

Depending on your requirement, budget, or limitations to the kind of modification you can make, hoists come in three options. Hoists can be installed on the ceiling, on the floor, or in some cases on the walls.
  • The overhead hoist offers advantages, in that it occupies no floor space, it offers a higher lifting margin, and offers no storage challenges. An additional advantage is that one person, the care provider for example is enough to operate the hoist.
  • Where a ceiling hoist cannot be used for some reason or other, a wall-mounted hoist can be used. The wall hoists offered by Arjo Hoist Hire are cheap, versatile and easy to operate. These units are portable if the necessary wall brackets have been installed, and they are especially useful in cramped quarters like bathrooms, etc.
  • The floor hoist is a good option and is sometimes used as backup for the other two. It is also the least expensive as there is no need to install a track in the ceiling or walls. For temporary arrangements, for example holidays, the floor hoist from providers like Arjo Hoist Hire make a very attractive option for the patient or caregiver, at once saving them money and ensuring maximum convenience.

Choose an Arjo Hoist Hire Solution that Offers Convenience for Both Patient and Care Provide

The products offered by Arjo Hoist Hire are designed with careful attention to detail and they will usually guarantee comfort and convenience for both the care provider and the patient or disabled person. But choosing the right hoist scheme for you situation involves more than just the technology: your personal tastes and requirements have a bearing on the solution that you ultimately settle for. You can rest assured however that a few providers including Arjo Hoist Hire have a solution tailored to your tastes and requirements.

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